Kerry Vincent on 60 Minutes

Australian baking and cake decorating fans were treated to a lengthy interview with Kerry Vincent on 60 Minutes (Channel Nine) last night.

The Queen of Cakes and soon to be judge on The Great Australian Bake Off (read here for more details on the 2013 TV show) spoke to journo, Alison Langdon, mostly about how she has built up her global cake decorating credentials, as well her reputation (part transcript from the TV interview):

ALLISON LANGDON: Kerry Vincent has the unlikely title of “Queen of the Cakes.”

KERRY: All I can say is get it right, or don’t do it at all.

ALLISON LANGDON: At 67, she is America’s most famous cake judge, a fixture on the popular cooking show ‘Challenge’, as the acid-tongued, tough-talking Aussie.

KERRY: I could hit you, Marina. What could you have been thinking? I’m not as bad as people think. I’m known by many names. “The Simon Cowell of Cake.” “The Dominatrix of Decorating.” “Sugar Tsar.” “The Queen of Cakes.” You name it. And “Mamma Cake.” We need the sound set up for there! It should be set up.

We’re also treated to a viewing of some the amazing cake creations on display at the Tulsa State Fair, Oklahoma.

Fascinating viewing for fans of ‘cake decorating heroes’.

For the full interview pop over to the 60 Minutes clip.

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